Zymol Coat Wheel Wax is the perfect wheel wax for protecting your sensitive wheel finishes between cleaning's. Simply spray your wheels with this easy to use, self-shining wax formula.


The rice-bran-wax and spearmint oil formula protects your wheel investment by establishing a barrier to brake filament dust and adhesive. Regular use of Zymol Coat helps make future cleaning easier by not allowing brake dust to come in full contact with your wheel surfaces.


After cleaning your wheels with Zymol Wheel Cleaner, just spray your wheels with this easy to use formula.

Zymol Coat Wheel Wax

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  • Ingredients: Spun Tallow and Castile Soaps, Spearmint Oil Extract, Citric Turpine, Cetyl Cocoamide (derived from coconut oil), Cocoamide, Guar Extract and Rice Bran Wax.