Chemical Guys Slick Finish Cleaner Wax is the hybrid wax that creates a brilliant shine, provides durable protection and removes light swirls, stains and imperfections to restore the original beauty to any car in one step.


Slick Finish Cleaner Wax is blended with high carnauba content, natural paint cleansers and light abrasives to help restore a new lustrous shine to paintwork. Micro-abrasives and cleaners easily remove oxidation, minor imperfections and light swirls in seconds, while natural oils help break down and emulsify impurities, surface stains and contamination stuck onto automotive surfaces.


Slick Finish creates a brilliant shine and provides long-lasting protection. Brazilian carnauba creates a slick surface so contaminants slide right off and optical gloss enhancers reveal impressive shine and colour. Slick Finish uses the natural protection of carnauba to repel water, dirt, pollution, brake dust and stains, so your car glows with scratch-free brilliance for months on end.

Chemical Guys Slick Finish Cleaner Wax

SKU: WAC20616