Chemical Guys V34 Optical Grade Hybrid Compound is the mid-grade compound that eliminates light to moderate paint defects and imperfections from super hard paints, then finishes like a fine polish.


V34 cuts away light to moderate swirls, scratches, oxidation and wet sand marks. V34 is blended with optical-grade micro abrasives that remove paint imperfections and defects, then finish with the clarity and precision that perfectionists demand. The diminishing micro abrasives work fast with true-cut accuracy; there are no fillers so the results you see are the true results you get.


V34 is the preferred cutting compound for lightly oxidised optical plastic and is the perfect one step polish to finish after wet-sanding faded and hazy headlights. The water-based formula is blended with advanced lubricants for extended work time. Use V34 with any dual action or rotary polisher to remove scratches and surface defects and restore luster and shine to any paint finish!

Chemical Guys V34 Optical Grade Hybrid Compound

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  • Paint Type: Suitable for all paint types and colours.