Chemical Guys P40 Detailer with Carnauba is the innovative quick detail spray that’s blended with slick lubricants, streak-free cleaners and natural carnauba wax for quick wipe downs and superior gloss with durable protection.


P40 removes light dirt, dust, fingerprints, fresh water spots, bird droppings and smudges in between full washes and details. The ultra-slick quick detailer lifts and lubricates light dirt and debris for a scratch-free cleaning anywhere, any time. P40 Detailer quickly restores a just-waxed appearance to any vehicle and strengthens any wax or sealant coat for extended protection.


P40 is blended with premium Brazilian carnauba wax to enhance the signature warm glow that only a natural wax can provide. Maintaining any wax or sealant coating with P40 extends the lifespan of the coating and restores that just waxed look that enthusiasts love. Use P40 after any car wash, road trip or whenever the mood strikes to restore the deep wet shine of natural carnauba wax!

Chemical Guys P40 Detailer with Carnauba

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  • Top Black top with sprayer included
    Scent Fruity fresh
    Wax Content Ultra-refined Brazilian white carnauba wax
    Paint Type Suitable for all paint types and colours
    Lubricity High
    UV Protection Yes