Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash opens the billions of strands inside microfiber fabric to gently release dirt and grime from each individual fiber. Unlike other detergents, Microfiber Wash rinses completely clean for a perfectly-soft, residue-free towel. Microfiber Wash is all-natural, contains no bleach, no fabric softeners and will not chemically-burn microfiber, keeping it as soft as the day it was made.


Microfiber Wash improves the absorbency and texture of microfibre towels for high performance detailing. Microfibre towels will clean better, dry faster, and give better scratch-free results after one wash using Microfiber Wash. Regular laundry detergent can reduce the life of microfibre towels by filling the fabric with fabric softeners or chemically-burning the actual microfibre strands.

Chemical Guys Microfibre Wash

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  • Ingredients A mixture of hospital grade surfactants, hard water softeners emulsified with a d-limonene Citric stain and spot extractor
    Top Black screw cap
    Intended Purpose Microfibre cleaner
    pH Balanced Yes
    Fabric Softener No