Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Black Finishing Hand Applicator uses the same technology as the proven Hex-Logic machine pads to deliver the perfect compound, polish and coating application when a machine polisher is out of the equation.


Hex-Logic pads use hexagonal chambers, the most efficient shape for dividing any space into an even grid, to ensure the best spread of product for even paint removal, fast and efficient polishing work and best glazing, sealing and waxing application. Hex-Logic Hand pads are perfect for use on hard-to-reach and small isolated areas, or for detailers that don’t have machine polishers.


  • The Orange pad removes oxidation, swirls and scratches to restore a bright finish with any Chemical Guys compound or polish, such as V32, V34, V36, and VSS.
  • The White pad restores shine and wet reflection with finishing polishes. Use V36 or V38 to restore gloss and pure reflection after compounding.
  • The Black pad has no cutting power and spreads the perfect coat of glaze, sealant or wax.

Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Black Finishing Hand Applicator

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