Chemical Guys Extra Thick Multi-Fiber Microfiber Wash Mitt holds five times its weight in water and suds for plenty of lubrication. Every strand of microfibre acts like hook and loop, trapping abrasive dirt and contamination deep within the plush fibres and away from paintwork. The Multi-Fiber Wash Mitt physically insulates your paintwork from abrasive action, drastically reducing the chances of installing scratches and swirls.

Chemical Guys Extra Thick Multi-Fibre Microfibre Wash Mitt

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  • Size 25cm x 20cm | 10" x 8"
    Thickness 2.5cm | 1"
    Blend Ratio 70:30 (Polyester:Polyamide)
    Density of Fibres 350,000in²
    Material & Texture Synthetic Wool
    Fastener Type Elastic Cuff
    Machine Washable Yes