Low price due to the clay bars melting and then solidifying back within their individual containers. The clay itself is still fully usable, although it is a bit more effort to get them out of their container.


Bilt-Hamber auto-clay regular removes harmful contamination from a vehicle's paint, which improves its durability and increases the shine of subsequent wax applications.


Acid rain, road silt and fallout are enemy of paint. Water and car shampoo wash away the loose particulates but not the embedded pollution. Contamination can consist of tiny metallic particles from rail dust, brake dust and industrial fallout; or non-metallic substances such as tree sap, bird droppings or insect residue. It affects all paint finishes and can cause serious damage when left untreated. Surprisingly, even brand-new cars and trucks can suffer from paint contamination. Metallic contamination is perhaps the worst offender; whilst stuck into the paint surface it corrodes and expands leading to the onset of paint film destruction. Paint contamination can be felt as a rough or gritty texture on the freshly cleaned paint's surface.


Which grade auto-clay should I buy?

auto-clay comes in three grades - regular, medium and soft.

  • auto-clay regular - If the vehicle is moderate to heavily contaminated, never been clayed before, or it’s Summer (warmer weather) then use regular.
  • auto-clay medium - For reasonable conditioned paint, the medium will be preferred.
  • auto-clay soft- If the paint is in good condition or you like to clay frequently, or it's Winter (colder weather), then soft is preferred.


Why buy Bilt-Hamber auto-clay?

Unlike other clay bars, Bilt-Hamber auto-clay differs as its formulation enables normal tap water to provide the necessary lubrication. Some clay bars contain surfactants, such as powdered detergents or soaps, which over a long period of use can have adverse effects on paint. auto-clay contains no surfactants detergents soaps or other soluble materials.

Bilt-Hamber auto-clay regular

£9.95 Regular Price
£5.99Sale Price
  • Paint Type: Suitable for all paint types and colours.

    Ingredients: Contains no surfactants, detergents, soaps or other soluble materials.